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JE Meme A Day

Oh The Crack!

4/17/07 11:04 pm - jaccavrie

Are you sure that's English?Collapse )

4/15/07 10:26 pm - jaccavrie - Sunday poll

Really had no idea what to do with this one until _caged_alone_ gave me an idea.

Which is better?Collapse )

4/13/07 06:48 pm - morloki - 00-what?

Was watching Casino Royalle the other day and got inspired! Meme time!

James Bond:
His plan for World Domination or whatever:
Villain's Right-Hand Man:
Obligatory gorgeous sidekick who Bond sexes at least once:
Any other allies:
Any other enemies:
Other lucky people Bond sexes:
Body count:

4/13/07 07:13 pm - jaccavrie

Don't forget that if you want to enter the meme contest, you need to have your entries sent in soon! The playlist will be updated tomorrow (I promise. ^^;) and if your meme is posted, you can request any one album/single or 3-5 songs.

CRASH!Collapse )

4/11/07 04:28 pm - jaccavrie

Too bad they didn't...Collapse )

4/9/07 09:03 pm - jaccavrie

IDEK. Don't ask.Collapse )

I'm sorry for the randomness. I am on couch.

4/7/07 10:03 pm - jaccavrie

We're off to see the wizardCollapse )

4/5/07 10:48 pm - jaccavrie - meme!

Everybody down on the floor!Collapse )

4/3/07 04:02 pm - jaccavrie

Let's go to the zooCollapse )

4/1/07 07:01 pm - jaccavrie - Sunday poll :D

It's time for our weekly poll again!

*insert hysterical laughter here*Collapse )

Have fun and Happy April Fool's Day!
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