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JE Meme A Day

Oh The Crack!

5/7/07 06:06 pm - jaccavrie

Sorry about the lack of poll yesterday. I guess _caged_alone_ forgot or couldn't connect to the internet. I'm having technology issues since my laptop power cord is dead, so I'm doing the best I can with borrowing my mom's and brother's laptops.

SHHHHHHH!Collapse )

We'll try to get everything back on schedule and get technology issues sorted out. We're out of school for the summer, so we can't remind each other anymore like we could before.

5/5/07 11:59 pm - jaccavrie

We are still doing the meme contest for anyone interested. We keep forgetting to advertise it.

ugh. I fail.Collapse )

5/3/07 11:42 pm - jaccavrie

Karaoke time!Collapse )

5/1/07 07:46 pm - jaccavrie

In my pantsCollapse )

4/29/07 08:54 pm - jaccavrie

Sunday poll :DCollapse )

4/27/07 11:50 pm - jaccavrie

Ack, almost late. No time for witty LJ cuts.

Read more...Collapse )

I'll do better next time. ^^;

4/25/07 03:41 pm - jaccavrie

Have this ready to print in an hour.Collapse )

4/23/07 08:12 pm - jaccavrie

A not Aye, O not OwCollapse )

4/22/07 09:48 am - morloki - Flying High!

Once again I come bearing meme! Do not ask me what I was smoking.

Make your own Quidditch Team!Collapse )

4/19/07 10:02 pm - jaccavrie

I think I'm in the wrong dressing room.Collapse )
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